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The Seven Olives Hotel is established in 1967G.C. and the work is commissioned by one of the royal family members whose name is Leilt (Princess) Hirut Desta who is the grand daughter of Emperor Hailesellasie I. After having finished the work of the hotel construction, she granted the hotel to the Saint Lalibela Monastery Diocese Office and after the fall of the power of the last Ethiopian King in 1974G.C., the communist Government Derg came to power and took all the belongings of the church to the state and after the communist fall in 1991G.C. and when the current government (EPRDF) came to power all the properties taken by the former government were returned back to their former owners and the hotel was given back to the St. Lalibela Monastery Diocese office as a result of the law of returning all properties to their former owners. Now, the Seven Olives Hotel is administered by the local church administration of St. Lalibela Monastery Diocese Office.



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